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10 Oct

I’ve been spending the last few weeks trying to find letters within objects… this is what I came up with.


Welcome to the World

24 Sep

I had the amazing opportunity to work with a wonderful photographer that I have admired for quite some time now.  Jen at JLS Photography of Langley , BC mentored me in a photoshoot with my friend’s baby boy.  It was amazing how much I learned in that hour and a bit, listening to her and watching how she manipulated the little man into position.  I love the result of the photos I took.  I even managed to teach myself a teeny bit of photoshop tonight and do up a “welcome to the world” announcement!  So much to learn!

newborns are so sweet

21 Sep

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity of taking newborn photos for my wonderful friend. I’m in the process of transitioning through careers and focusing on my photography. After 18 years as an insurance broker, I think it’s time to do something I am passionate about. This little guy, at 1 week old, was an absolute darling.

attempting to solve the picky eater situation, yet again!

21 Sep

Well here we go again!  Does anyone else deal with a picky eater, I’m sure you must.  My pick eater is 2 (well there’s others in this house, but for now I’m focusing on her!)  At daycare she will eat pretty much anything put infront of her…. why will she not do this at home?  I’ve tried so many tricks, and yet nothing seems to work.  We eat quite healthy in this house, lots of veggies and fruit and whole grains, salads etc.  Yet she will eat:  applesauce, yogurt tubes, frozen peas and frozen fresh blueberries.  On occasion she will eat a banana.  She hates meat, and won’t touch any other veggies.  So today I made some banana pumpkin oat muffins.  She ate half of one, maybe this is progress?  I’d love any tips from YOU!

Packing a little one for a road trip

10 Aug

Today is “packing day” we leave early tomorrow morning – Driving from BC down to Oregon and area. This drive, with a 2 year old, should prove interesting. It has already taken me 2 hours just to pack her little suitcase. She likes to “help” meaning she follows behind me and undoes everything I do! Finally I have gotten her suitcase organized and packed (of course there is a different mess to clean up now! E decide to “help” and she emptied our freezer!)

So I had to come up with a solution… Call it desperate parenting… Crib and iPad – worked for about 20mins!

Any tips on travel with toddlers?


packing for the road trip. left to right, jackets, long sleeved tops, short sleeved tops, shorts, pants. Swimwear and socks in upper compartment and PJ’s in other top compartment


Little E – singing “clean up clean up everyone every where” … somehow she thinks she is helping me


getting a picky kid to eat

10 Aug

My two year old, like most I assume, is picky – picky with a capital P.  Feed her something one day she loves it, the next – refuses to eat it.  Will only eat frozen peas, not cooked, and that is about the only veggie she will touch (unless I sneak spinach in my smoothie and share with her)  Today I attempted to bring some excitement to her snack – it worked, a little .. she didn’t eat it all but did try a bit of each thing! YAY .. small successes are exciting 


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