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attempting to solve the picky eater situation, yet again!

21 Sep

Well here we go again!  Does anyone else deal with a picky eater, I’m sure you must.  My pick eater is 2 (well there’s others in this house, but for now I’m focusing on her!)  At daycare she will eat pretty much anything put infront of her…. why will she not do this at home?  I’ve tried so many tricks, and yet nothing seems to work.  We eat quite healthy in this house, lots of veggies and fruit and whole grains, salads etc.  Yet she will eat:  applesauce, yogurt tubes, frozen peas and frozen fresh blueberries.  On occasion she will eat a banana.  She hates meat, and won’t touch any other veggies.  So today I made some banana pumpkin oat muffins.  She ate half of one, maybe this is progress?  I’d love any tips from YOU!


I’m ready to BOUNCE back!

21 Sep

Week one is almost done, and I have to say – I feel successful (not a normal feeling!)  I’ve finally taken a leap of bravery and signed up with a local personal trainer who I’m putting my ENTIRE faith into, she’s the one who is going to rescue me from myself.  Okay, maybe a bit dramatic? possibly, however I need it… I need the motivation, the accountability.  Andrea is amazing, she works you out physically AND emotionally, digging deep into any issues.  I hope to come out of this after 12 weeks fitter in mind and body.   I had my first small group personal training in Andrea’s BOUNCE program last night.  My ass is sore!  so many stairs and squats, but it’s one of those love/hate things.  I can’t wait for more.  And, not only that, I also did a spin class this morning — 6AM!  crazy?  maybe! but this girl is gonna break through!  Better believe it, no more sabotaging self-depreciating self talk… know why? because I really am worth this.  Yes, I have responsibilities, and a million excuses.. ohhh how will I juggle:  3 kids, work, my school, starting my own business, kids activities, and every day life of a mom?… no more excuses – I am in NO WAY the only mom out there that has to balance all this, so why am I making excuses.  JUST GO AND DO IT… find that 10, 20, 30 mins to exercise, prep food, make smart choices – and by all means learn to LIKE myself!  Yup – it’s time!

a 6am spin class. This may not be crazy to YOU, but for me this is huge progress..

getting a picky kid to eat

10 Aug

My two year old, like most I assume, is picky – picky with a capital P.  Feed her something one day she loves it, the next – refuses to eat it.  Will only eat frozen peas, not cooked, and that is about the only veggie she will touch (unless I sneak spinach in my smoothie and share with her)  Today I attempted to bring some excitement to her snack – it worked, a little .. she didn’t eat it all but did try a bit of each thing! YAY .. small successes are exciting 

Healthy Eats

10 Aug

Good morning!  Well I am on a mission over the next while, as I mentioned previously, to really focus on my health.  After eating pretty much anything I wanted (aside from my egg allergy) I now have restrictions.  I’m choosing to look at this in positive light!  A challenge of sorts to find new and unique meals I’ve not normally contemplated.

My breakfast today was inspired by the genius Angela of Oh She Glows    I made my overnight oats – soaked in coconut milk and also had my Chia treat.  If you’ve never heard of Ruth’s Hemp Foods, you should
check them out. SO DELICIOUS!  I love the cranberry ginger regularly, and the chocolate is a perfect treat when craving those sweets!  This morning was like a special dessert!  After soaking the oats and chia overnight (in separate bowls) all I had to do this morning was blend up some of my frozen berries with a bit of water and milk, layer them and dig in!  I almost didn’t take a picture because I wanted to eat it at once.

Now I know that one important thing (for me) is that in order to eat healthy I need to plan my meals in advance, so I already know what today’s lunch will be – this gives me some comfort! (and of course a healthy morning snack – fresh picked blueberries! – we have 40 lbs!)  Lunch today will be my Edible Flower Salad.  I love that on Wednesday’s we have the local Langley Farmers Market here.  I get to go explore and find some tasty goods.  I picked up some edible flowers and had a delicious salad yesterday, and will enjoy this again today.

Speaking of Salads  here are a couple others that I have conjured up!  My watermelon salad is so fresh and tasty – adding Feta makes it just that much more delicious! And of course you can never go wrong with a Kale Salad!
And finally for dinner – I have left-overs of the delicious sort!  Fresh Salmon from the amazing 1Fish2Fish here in Langley 

Taking control of my health

9 Aug

Well, after months (okay to be honest 2 years) of major ups and downs health-wise, talking to Dr’s that didn’t listen to me in the way I wanted, I decided to go to my naturopath.  Now, it’s not that I don’t trust my Dr. however I do know myself, and know that the issues I was having were pointing to hormone issues.  Her response?  I could possibly be pre-menopausal (seriously? I mean okay I’m 36, but isn’t that TOO YOUNG?) and I just have to deal with what’s happening.  I didn’t like that answer! would you?  I’m sorry, night sweats, major mood swings, weight gain, hair loss and more – that’s just not fun!

So I talked to my naturopath, we went over many things, did blood tests and a saliva test.  Results?  My levels are that of a post-menopausal woman and I have a MAJOR candida overgrowth.  So, I now have some learning to do and some diet changing to make.  All for a good cause, my health!

The issue? have you ever taken a tincture?  it’s somewhat unpalatable  downright horrible! I take 2 droppers, twice a day. I also have adrenal support pills (those are fine!)  Now it’s the diet part, any input is appreciated because I’m somewhat lost there.  I also have joined “myfitnesspal” on my trusty iPhone.  Seriously, I’m kinda in love with this app.  It helps me track my food and activity (or lack thereof).  And the best little part of it? it has a barcode scanner this makes it so easy to track foods!



major gag reflex! hope this works


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